Stonehenge, withroof timbers

Stonehenge symbolism plan – for discussion.

Watch, see Stonehenge with fresh eyes.


Plan showing Stonehenge was set out using symbolism.

It appears Stonehenge’s bronze-age designer used circle/triangle symbolism to set out the trilithons. Does this represent water-earth-air-fire?

The two additional trilithons shown were, for good reason, not solid sarsen, hence their absence today.

Sub-divisions on the axis, called baunts, fit Stonehenge’s remains perfectly. I’ve included the seven point star on finding it points exactly north. The pole star, (which at that time, due to axial progression was Thuban or Alpha draconis) must have been an important navigation tool.

This might explain the significance of the site’s location. I believe the relationship of solstice axis and north star only occur at this latitude.

Full explanation will be posted soon.

The fourth triangle, that of air, is upward, connecting the Blue-stone circle to the curve of the ridge-line. It’s an excellent fit to the model.

Nothing shown here is out of kilter with established archaeology.

(Archaeologists so far do not want to re-examine Stonehenge digs and established chronology against my theory. They are content to say I am not entitled to an opinion, as not an archaeologist.)

Why do some historians doubt our ancestors abilities? We don’t doubt the capability of the Romans, 2000 years ago. Stonehenge was built just 2000 years before that era.

…when night skies were black and starry, not choked by light pollution, when effect of seasons ruled our lives and we lived by their rules. …at a time when nature’s bounty gave resource enough to live …and more to feed the mind.

…we lived in balance and harmony, respecting the elements, loving our world.


Comment and discussion welcome.